יום ראשון, 12 באפריל 2015

Law Of Attraction Tips


Are you happy with who you are? Are you happy with the situation where you are at this stage of life?
If you want to get yourself a specific purpose and need high self- esteem, here are some tips to keep you implement to achieve this.

1. The number one law of the law of attration is, don't compete with others.
Life is not a race.  Set yourself standards and reach them.
Do not be afraid of the possibility of failure and try to analyze your limitations.
competitive is a feature that can bring down the level of self-esteem very quickly
When we deal with competition, we do not fight for our standards but the standards of others.

2. Understand yourself , know your strengths and weaknesses, Use your abilities to get the most out of your actions.
You will feel satisfaction when you will focus on the things you really good at.
That does not mean you do not need to try other things. Try and vary your activities,
But focuse on the things you love and you are doing well. Do not waste time and effort on things you do not good in them.
Many people create themselves an image of losers because they try to enter a "competition" in a new field for them.
These people will compete for anything just for the competition. Remember , you do not have to prove anything to anyone. Do only thing that good for you.

3. As the law of attraction, you need to focus on your accomplishments , large and small alike. Try to get more and more achievements,
and do not waste your time on goals that are not really important to you
Focus on goals that you care. When you already know what you want to achieve, and you have set yourself goals (little steps)
Reward yourself when you achieve your goals (the little steps).
Check all history, and you will not find a successful person who have not progressed step by step to success.
There are no cases of instant huge success. Achievement of success takes time and effort.

4. When you are really careful to give 100% of yourself, no matter what the outcome of your actions will be,
 you will feel good with it because you know you gave everything and fighted with teeth.
There is nothing more painful to think in retrospect about the opportunity that we had and what a shame that we have not take advantage of it .

5. be happy with life as it is, focuse on the good things that you have, these are not things for granted- you achieved them-
you need to feel satisfied from what you already achieved and not focuse on the things you didn't achieved yet.
Be thankful for all the things you already have. As you go toward new goals in your life,  you will have more things to be thankful about,
and your self-image will be increase.
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